“We cannot afford to fall ill because our children are very young and very dependent on us”


“The lockdown has brought uncertainty and difficulty for me and my family but along with it came some blessings. 

My name is Zahra, I am an anaesthetics nurse and my husband Ahmed is a chauffeur. Just before Covid19 reached the UK our ordeal has already started. Last December I was heavily pregnant and already on maternity leave when my husband fell ill and had an emergency operation. It had a mental, emotional and most especially financial impact on us. My husband stayed home for two months to recover, which meant he had zero income for this duration as he is self employed. When our baby girl was born things were very difficult having to manage a newborn, a toddler and a post operative person at home. 

My husband finally was able to go back to work early February. At this time corona virus was at its peak in China whilst the rest of the world watched, not knowing which step to take. I had to survive almost everyday of looking after a newborn and a toddler without help. There were days that I thought I was going mad. Inasmuch as I wanted my husband to stay home with me to be able to manage the children better he could not because it is not financially feasible. This went on for about a month until the lockdown was imposed. When the number of Covid19 cases and death tolls skyrocketed we have decided for him to stay home and for us to just live on the minimum to stay safe. We cannot afford to fall ill because our children are very young and very dependent on us. We do not have anyone else for help. 

On lockdown we may be living on the minimum but I am no longer struggling with child care. We sleep better, we eat better as I now have time to make proper food in the kitchen with my husband helping me out at home. We are spending more time with each other than ever and we get to play with our toddler. These are the things that my heart will always be grateful for despite the horrors of Covid19. Whenever the Covid19 situation gets very stressful because of what I hear from the news, social media and WhatsApp messages from people at work I look at these blessings that remind me that there is always hope.”

Zahra, anaesthetics nurse


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