Previous activities

5 weeks of football played on astroturf for 20 people claiming asylum, which we hope to restart in the spring using local parks
Free Pop-Up Clothes Shops
Two free clothes pop-up events in December 2022, distributing over 2400 items and supporting around 250 people
Luton Clothing Bank
By December 2022, we redistributed 20,000 items to local people experiencing financial difficulty
World Cup Final Event
An enjoyable evening of football and food for 30 local people with six different languages and cultures
Baby & Kids Boxes
Working with local organisations we distributed hundreds of Baby & Kids Boxes with clothes for 0-8 year olds
Dunstable Downs Trip
A day trip for over 70 local people seeking asylum and with refugee status for an afternoon of food, games and friendship in 2021
Stories from Lockdown
Capturing and sharing the stories of 27 local people during lockdown

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Stories from Lockdown
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