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“It makes you realise how far togetherness can go”

Lucas Perry LP Bootcamp

“I’ve been running the LP Bootcamp since July 2019. I started out in a local field and moved to Pirton Hill Primary School for the winter. Under normal circumstances I average about 20 clients each session (hopefully once everything is over with coronavirus I can move it back outside).

With schools being shut and government guidance advising against meeting in groups I have decided to run a live workout in a private Facebook group for people still wanting to stay active at home. I do this 2-3 times a week along with posting home workouts for people to try. I believe it’s important, especially in times like this, for people to stay active both physically and mentally so if I feel I can help with that then why not.

Covid-19 has changed things for me a lot. I worked 7 days a week for long hours doing a number of different things like group and 1:1 PT sessions, now I’m stuck at home all the time except the odd trip to Tesco.

I believe you’ve got to try to take a positive out of every situation so I’ve been putting my time into other things, like decorating my garage where I personal train and planning for when we are back into normal life so I can put it into action.

I’ve been doing things around the house I wouldn’t normally have time for as well. So in a weird way it’s been quite refreshing to have more time to myself but I’m ready to go back to work now.

In the last few weeks I think everyone has finally shown the praise and support that the NHS and other key workers should’ve got before all this. I really feel that the public have taken their support and praise to the next level and long may it continue after Covid-19 as they really do deserve it.

If I had to sum up the situation in a few words I would say; everything is a bit surreal and crazy right now, but it makes you realise how far togetherness can go.”

Lucas Perry, Personal Trainer, LP Bootcamp. Instagram: @lpbootcamp


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