“Now I know not to take the small things in life for granted”


“Before the lockdown I was just a final year University student, working part time and a UpRiser. Now classes have moved online, I don’t get to see my friends and extended family. However, I have learnt a lot during the lockdown so far… I have learnt to value the small things in life because you don’t know what the future holds. Meeting friends for coffee and cake in Costa seemed like nothing before, but now I know not to take the small things in life for granted.

Aside from this, I have seen people coming together to support one another, especially the most vulnerable people in our community. Every Thursday night at 8 o’clock we clap for our NHS and key workers; it feels like a real community spirit.

One thing I believe is people have learnt and appreciated the amazing work our key workers- like the NHS does for us all.

I truly think of them as heroes and they are the backbone of society.

I find I have more time now to focus on hobbies, I had no time for before the lockdown began. Like; baking, reading and even helping dad with the gardening!

The campaign has also allowed me to focus my mind on the positives, helping people during this time has given me great pleasure. Even if one mask can help a person then I feel like I have achieved something.  

UpRising has enabled me to further grow my confidence. I have made new friends, met like-minded individuals and influential people. It has been great discussing important topics from climate change to poverty and homelessness. UpRising is not the typical setting in a class room where the teacher talks at you for two hours.

The sessions are interactive and enjoyable; I have listened to inspirational figures, gave my opinions and suggestions. Usually younger people are not taken seriously, but in UpRising I feel valued, and felt people have taken me seriously. Another bonus is the exciting trips we have attended including a residential trip and a trip to parliament!”

Lubna, 20


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