“Keeping those more vulnerable people in mind has motivated me to help out where I can”

Julia lockdown

“The last few weeks have been very hard for me and my family especially as I can’t see my son because he lives with his dad and is over 18. We keep in touch over the phone but it’s just not the same.

I feel really guilty when I go to feed my cows and work on the farm as people, like my parents, have been told to self-isolate due to their age but I know they would love to come out for some fresh air.

Keeping those more vulnerable people in mind has motivated me to help out where I can. I have been dropping supplies and fresh eggs from my farm to older people who need the extra help. It’s been so good to give them a smile and see their faces perk up.

One of my friends is showing symptoms of coronavirus at the moment and hasn’t been able to check in on his 86 year old mum. To help them both out I popped around and left some treats and a bunch of flowers on the doorstep for her. I’ve also been sanitising my grandsons old garden toys and donating them to families with kids that are stuck at home, just doing anything I can to help really.

 [Are there any other messages or pieces of advice you would like to give people during this current situation?]

“If you go for country walks as part of your exercise please be careful when you walk through farmers’ fields and open gates. This is how things get spread really easily, just like foot and mouth did years back. Wash your hands and don’t touch gates etc.

For all parents wanting stuff for their kids to do go to my daughter-in-laws Instagram @HJUcreative or Facebook, she’s a creative freelancer and has free colouring worksheets and activities for all ages. All you need to do is send her a message and she will show you how to download them!”

Julia Robbins, Local Farm Owner, Toddington


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