“I have bad days and good days. Thankfully they are mostly good.”

“My Name is Lauron Macauley and I am 24 years old. I have two children ages 8 and 4. Being in lockdown has been very different for my family. We are unable to visit other family which my kids have been upset about as they would see their nan regularly.  We have all been trying to keep as busy as possible. Although, some days because we have done so much; we can get very bored.

Before the pandemic lockdown began I was fully employed. Working as a support worker towards people with acquired brain injuries. As these people are very vulnerable they were no longer attending our centre and it then made my position change to furloughed.

During my time in lockdown I began to write a book. My working title and subtitle is ‘I Am Not Your Stereotype, Trials And Tribulations Of A Young Mum’. I have always wanted to write a book and during this time I accomplished 200 pages and my book is nearly completed. My book is about pregnancy, birth and motherhood from a ‘young mothers’ perspective. Also the stereotypes and judgements that we face. Being a ‘young mother’ myself I have had to fight through the trials and tribulations before I was able to realise that I could still follow my dreams and accomplish things regardless of what other people may say. I want other young parents to feel the same.

During this lockdown period I have begun to realise more about myself and that my goal is to help others.

So if you are bored in any way, think about the things that you have always wanted to do and plan to accomplish them. Social media has come to be a blessing, as I have met so many new people through the zoom talk activities and things that are going on in our communities through Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. It’s amazing how we are coming together by taking advantage of the systems we have.

The current situation is unfortunately bitter sweet. I have bad days and good days. Thankfully they are mostly good.”

Lauron Macauley

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