“Every day feels the same now”

“Every day feels the same now. I can’t distinguish one from the other. I feel like I am stuck in a time loop like Phil in Groundhog day. Pardon my pop cult references, but if you haven’t watched that movie this is the time to watch it! It’s a classic. My day starts at 1:30 like everybody else. Just kidding, my mum would not let me sleep till late.

The days typically start at 10, then breakfast, then helping mum and dad with household chores, then sewing a bit, then Netflix, then lunch, then again watching more Netflix, more Netflix or TV.

Sometimes, I would successfully convince myself to exercise or take a stroll in the backyard (rarely), getting lazy, having dinner, more social media, sleep. Oh, and did I mention Netflix? I am someone you would call a movie/series junkie, always have been and this lockdown is all about me overdosing on movies. Other than this I pray 5 times a day. Sometimes to make the days less boring we play board games as a family. If I have assignments, then those days I would work on it but for this Easter holiday I had none.

I had some dying hobbies which revived due to this. I didn’t get time for myself or my hobbies before all this. But now I paint, sew, read, cook, bake and DIY. Since everything has moved online this makes everything so much more boring. Waking up to the same thing every day gets exhausting at some point. I always thought about taking long holidays and just sitting at home but now all I want to do is meet my friends, go to classes, talk to my lectures, learn more, and the main one GO OUTSIDE. As some wise person said, where there is hope there is a way. Let’s hope for the best, this might just not be the end. Take care and wash your hands.”

Fariza, 21

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