Community Fun Day – For Everyone

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We’re hosting a Community Fun Day on Saturday 29th April – can you help us make the day fun for everyone?

This will be a completely free event, to make sure everyone – including local refugees (and people claiming asylum) and low income families can enjoy the sense of community, food and games taking place over the Eid period (Eid will fall on the weekend before). Around a third of Luton’s community are Muslim, and with almost half of Luton’s children living in poverty we know that many, including families and individuals we work with, miss out on these activities. We anticipate supporting around 200 people from different religious backgrounds on the day, with over half of those attending being in the asylum process. 

Donations for this event can be made here.

As a local social inclusion and prevention/relief of poverty charity, we’ve been supporting people in financial difficulty including for 3 years by providing clothes, shoes, coats, and a range of social activities including trips, football, warm spaces and film nights.

As you may know, several events take place in Luton over the Eid period, and we recognise that many organisations make efforts to make them accessible and inclusive. We know, however, that for many families we support, financial barriers prevent them and their children from being able to take part. That’s why we’re planning a Community Fun Day with a range of food on offer, a bouncy castle, crafts, football, games, and clothes for those who need them – completely free of charge. We’ll also be providing transport to ensure that families and individuals who are usually most excluded from these events have the opportunity to attend. 

Please help us make this day a success. Any donation or contribution will be greatly appreciated, this could be a full or part contribution towards:

  • Food and refreshments – 200 meals, desserts, drinks, snacks (halal and vegetarian only, please);
  • Bouncy castle and other outdoor games equipment;
  • Craft materials;
  • Monetary donations for any of the above and towards;
  • 50 Family bus tickets (£325)
  • 50 Single bus tickets (£100)

Donations for this event can be made here.

Or please get in touch with us at if you have any questions potential contributions to discuss.