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Community Fun Day – For Everyone

We’re hosting a Community Fun Day on Saturday 29th April – can you help us make the day fun for everyone? This will be a completely free event, to make sure everyone – including local refugees (and people claiming asylum) and low income families can enjoy the sense of community,

Luton Clothing Bank – A Year Later

Over the last two years we’ve seen the enormous generosity of Luton’s communities and just how much we can support each other in difficult times. Luton Clothing Bank launched at the end of 2020 with the support of The Raise Up Foundation, Discover Islam, Tokko and other groups and individuals



We want to support and grow those connections by sharing local people’s stories. We know that these times are hard, and that for some people these past few weeks and what’s to come may be the hardest in their lives. Staying connected, supporting each other and remembering that we aren’t alone in our experiences is more important than ever.

Stories from Lockdown